​My Name is H.I.M: Dr. :Lawiy-Zodok:Shamu: El I am not really new to network marketing but also, I am not a "Master" or "Expert", just me, stating that for the record Lol! I am still learning every day as we speak. I started my journey into network marketing in 2010 when I first started researching it as an employee for an independent business owner, who was starting his own music label and promotional company. Eventually, he ventured into the printing industry. At the time I was the go-to assistant for pretty much everything, considering we lived together at the time. I was a fresh High school dropout, & entrepreneur musician. Things didn't work out as planned and we went our separate ways. I continued to learn about network marketing and working on my own career in the music industry. Which at the time was a spell-binding pipe dream and distracted me from a bigger picture in life. As things begin to turn for the good after many hardships, trials, and tribulations of being a young high school dropout with nowhere to go and nowhere to turn. To make a long story short I went and still going through a long journey on a short path. Which has been a long way to make it here now as a solid lead generation consultant. All the years of intense studying and learning have finally started to pay off. I have built a prestigious network that has taught me a lot of things on my journey to becoming a well-studied networker. Now I am connected with some very powerful, young, and vibrant marketers, some are even your future world leaders.

Nu Wealth Network

Listen to Reason! Throughout the ages, the masses, have been kept from the secret of fiat. Mediums of Exchange is nothing new under the sun. Nu Wealth Network will act as traffic network, for all members of our Network, who would like to invest in them selves, we bring to traffic to any business, Real Estate, Retail sales, and other industries.  Currency is viewed as simply a tool to be used to facilitate transactions for any commercial remedy or instrument that is ready and availible to be accepted in exchange for goods, services, commodities and indices that need to be considered and calculated. Many things has served its purpose in the functioning of gobal finance through out the ages. In the corporation of the united states, money has three kin memebers

1. Currency - Paper money ("Legal Tender"), fiat, coins, T-bills

2. Demand deposits

3. Checkable deposits

Nu wealth show's it's member the power over the quanitiy of money is essential and delicate if the value is to be kept balance and how it's reflected in your network and ablity to generate leads. They will learn the real value of currency and how it can only be measured by the rationale of the society as a whole and the things that, a society mainly purchases as a whole. Also how business is commerce, which is a vast sea and how we must move with its momentum. Gathering enough force to set your own direction and sail!

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