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Nu Wealth2015/12/13

Natural Remedy 

Natural Remedy

In a Noocratic Society, a society of True Culture accept as fact, that all laws belong to the all with in all! No law is a law unless its consistent in it's cause and effect each time conditions are the same. Without a doubt mathematics is the art of arithmetic. The Order of Operation in Mathematics is the natural order and representation of Natural Laws and sciences. So what does all this means? It means that natural legal or lawfull remedy can be as simple as 2+2=4 or complicated as 7*8/2(8+9)=?. Also who's to say that the latter is more complicated, but as any thing else it all begins with you. I like to describe remedy as one a chef's cooking experiment. Recipe is always key. Ingredients are even more important which would be like natures elements!

  1. Always remain in honors as An honorable man /women makes honorable plans; his/her honorable character gives him/her security.”

  2. First in line is first in time as the first shall be the last and the last first. Nature hate those who are double-minded, for love is law. ... The more we love the laws of Nature, the more watchful we shall be.

  3. A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor (Consideration) is better

  4. Detests differing weights, and dishonest scales (Books of Account) ... Differing weights are an abomination , and a false scale is not good.

  5. For wisdom is a defense, and money is a defense: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom give life to them that have it.

  6. A feast is made for laughter, and wine make life merry; but money answers everything (Eccl 10:19)

  7. When you have sold yourselves for nothing; and you shall be redeemed without money.

In our current legal system which is a de facto government simply a dishonorable system. Which in comparison to our unspoken of, not to be mentioned de jure system operated by the natural and authochthonous beings that inhabit the lands. The online definition for de facto. Which is Latin, meaning literally "in fact, in reality," thus, "existing, but not necessarily legally ordained;" from facto, ablative of factum "deed, act" (see fact). Something generally accepted or agreed to without any formal decision in its favor: “They never elected him; he became their leader de facto.” The online definition for de jure is an expression that means "of right, by right, according to law" (literally "from law"), as contrasted with de facto, which means "in fact, in reality" (literally "from fact"). If you see the word magic going on you will notice that de facto is not legal nor is it lawful, it just exist for the record and people agree to it. From whats being describe its sounds much like a militia.

If you aren't familiar with a security agreement as you may already signed for one by now for a car, house, or anything of that nature. For ingredient number one says “Always remain in honor as An honorable man /women makes honorable plans; his/her honorable character gives him/her security.” When in search for a natural remedy starting with your character is the root to manifesting your own sovereign environment. Never forget that “First in line is first in time as the first shall be the last and the last first. Nature hate those who are double-minded, for love is law. ... The more we love the laws of Nature, the more watchful we shall be. Creating your own reality is what you are doing. Its easy to forget the simple things like the many choices you have in life, like choosing your favorite desert for example. It easy to forget that you chose your favorite desert and there are plenty to choose from and the more you shape and mold your character. The more variety of deserts of remedy there is to choose from but the most important ingredient and flavor of all is yours! Creating a Security Agreement with one's self is the first step in the process of redemption. You can have it your way, either you get a Micky Dee's Happy meal for a Security Agreement or a five star dinner for yourself it's you choice but may the force be with you young skywalker. - Dr. :Lawiy-Zodok:Shamu:El© 


Diamond And Silk; The New Elite Puppets 

This is entertainment from your new age political representatives of Corporate America! This is why (Poly - many) and (Tics - parasites) is damaging our society with their parasitic, vampiric, pestilence on our society! We are a now a Noocracy, which is a society that governs their own minds, with the aid of the mental developed and abundantly wise, similar to an aristocracy, which is a government ran by the wise, or elite in modern day times. Today's elite are in full attack on the mind! Our Environment depends on our ability to use our minds. Which "Enviro-" from environ (“around”), from en (“in”) + viron (“a turn”), from virer (“to turn, veer”), and "Ment-" From Late Latin -amentum, from -mentum via Old French -ment. Which is actually from the late Latin word "mente", ablative singular of mēns, which means the “mind”. So our surroundings reflect our mental states! We live in the United States, Which united is used in the past tense sense of the word. As we see today no unity within the states of America misnomer for Atlan-Amexem. America was establish for the Merchant elite, for the craft guilds of the European, and Asiatic, and Indo-Aryan Nations, Kingdoms, and Empires, who capitalized off the delicacies of the Harlot theoretically referencing "America" and her Statue of Liberty, which is what this is the land of, the land of Liberty, not free! This is not the land of the Free, for the laws which this so called country was founded on, is the Laws of the Merchant, and that would be deem as illegal! The Noocratic Social Secured Party members of The Noocratian Party are prophesied to be here operating as a Noocracy, the ancient cultures from the Greeks to those even before ancient Egypt, knew of our coming! The Real Peoples Party Charter here:, will explain more in detail our purpose, and the reasons we are well promised throughout history to appear at the dawning of a new age! We need real representatives to re-present our selves which can only be ourselves to the worlds stage and beyond! We will revise, restructure, reform, and revive our legal systems, through full, and wholesome display of our Natural laws. Aid through instituting our academia to and for our layman, we the people are the government! If we don't govern our selves some one else will do it for us, as they have been in the past! Uniformity is key! We will uniform all of our networks such as Nu Wealth Network to yield the economical & Financial power that we will need. This is not a black thing, nor is this a white thing, this is a must and we will get this and continue to do this right thing! We cannot stand for the entertainment when it comes to our daily necessities and natural needs in our life. We cannot stand by and be entertained for this is our souls and lives at stake and with that are our seriousness matters! Our heirs, posterity, and legacy is what matters! There were families that ran our societies into the ground, it will be our families that build our societies back up and revive them for our and everyone's progression, and not some group of congress or appointed by our blind sheep mass who are subjects and hosts of the old vampire paradigm! - ‪#‎NEO‬

:Dr. :Lawiy-Zodok:Shamu:El2015/04/12

Nu Wealth News Report

:Dr. :Lawiy-Zodok:Shamu:El2015/04/01

Name Correction

Many people involved into the Secured Party Creditor movement are lost in a sea of rhetoric and never put emphasis on the sacred Name Correction as most who are in the movement are still illiterate to language of the Sacred Volume of Law, and the equitable traditions of ccommerce and admiralty. In Legalese which through research there is more letters then the typical 26 letters of the alphabet in a typical Sytles Manual. There are actually 50 plus characters. A legal Name Correction or Change does not denote a complete indentity change. The legal name change depends and varies jurisdictions to jurisdiction. According to Book of Revelation there is a new name given to every member of the Kingdom.  

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