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Who are we

The Shelton Estate Company is the Global Religious Family Office for all faith-based ministries of the Global Village.  We are here to serve as Global Stewards for those of precious like faith.


The Shelton Estate Company is creating scalable smart contract assets and decentralized financial products and services, and treasury management solutions for blockchain technologies.


We provide Decentralized Investment Strategies & Solutions

Experiencing F.O.M.O of the Bitcoin race, our company specializes in Smart Contract Asset Management. 

There is no need to worry have an expert blockchain technology-savvy team. 

Achievement & Traction

The Shelton Estate Company has participated in Sustainable Development Goals and Projects, such as SDG Action No 27655.  The Company also has completed 250 Thousand in sales as of date. 

The Smart Contract Advisory of the Shelton Estate Company has helped, influenced, and even coached many people in the new crypto space. The Shelton Estate Company has developed many new innovating procedures, structures, and models in regard to fintech and blockchain technology. 


The Family Office Industry is one of the biggest niches in the financial & banking industries. 

The industry has been declining over the past decade but with the new innovative technologies. 

The industry of legacy finance is making a sharp return to take its position in the future of smart contracting. 

Credit clearing Market is a industry according to which a small group of banks needs to make many payments to each other, of adding up the payments and canceling them out before settling the remainder. While clearing is about waiting for the payment to go through, credit clearing is about canceling out a payment with one coming in the opposite direction. This process originated between all the banks in London, who would send their checks to the clearinghouse at the end of each day. After the calculations were made there would be a single payment to or from each bank. The Central Counterparty Clearhouse will utilize Mutual Credits, Counterparty & XCP as Bitcoin Smart Contracts, and Bitcoin Blockchain to secure contracts to process credit clearing worldwide.

In 21st century with spreadsheets and blockchains, this process tends to be fully automated.

The mechanism is used not only by banks, but in any multilateral exchange situation.

Many complementary currencies work this way, calling it mutual credit.


The current competitive business in the Family Office or Investment Banking Industry is BG Capital, Stifel, and Foros. There is Panmure Gordon and PCE Investement Bankers, Inc. who specialize in raising capital, Acquisitions and Mergers, and market development and research. 

The competitive advantage our family office has as members of the Nu Wealth Networkfor participants of the World Open Market. Nu Wealth financial network is a concept describing the World Open Market Exchange collection of financial entities such as member traders, firms, banks, and financial exchanges and the links between them, ideally through direct transactions or the ability to mediate a transaction.

The smart contract Mutual credit" sometimes called "multilateral barter" or "credit clearing" is a term mostly used in the field of complementary currencies to describe a common, usually small-scale, endogenous money system. The family office and our syndicate members have the advantage by using, a smart regulating, trust-based ledger of bitcoin, and a Mutual Credit System for marketing, business, and financial products and services. The family office and syndicate members plan to use mutual credit smart contacts for participant members to provide secure transactions, true concierge, and seignorage. 

The term mutual credit implies that creditors and debtors are the same people lending to each other, but there are several nuances. Think of mutual credit as a type of currency system but this can be problematic because no currency or money is 'issued' in the sense that most people would understand it. Cash is very rarely 'issued', accounting normally taking place on an open ledger,  therefore it could also be called 'ledger money', a money system, accounting for exchange or credit clearing system. The accounting is explained under multilateral exchange.

Business Model

Our Religious Family Office will provide marketing consulting, business, and private religious financial service, and provide asset management, decentralized financial advisory, and research and development for all global and local faith-based institutions, and their auxiliary organizations.

Our family office plans to invest in insurance, reinsurance, bonds, and other assets that provide multiple revenue streams during low sale volume. Private equity sharing, profit-sharing, and leverage-based smart contact give our estate company with current assets under management the disruptive potential and largely profitable earnings and revenue projections for the next five to ten years to come. The Bitcoin market dominance gives the opportunity to all clients of our open market participants to utilize, invest, and leverage our decentralized smart contract advisory to deal in projects concerning a wide range of industries, including but not limited to real estate, transportation, education, community development, and the sharing economy. 

The estate company business profit-share is based on 60/40 percent between the company and the investors. The estate is 100% owned by the Grantor and the currently listed beneficiaries of the estate company. Our religious private estate will act as a book-runner and the private lead underwriter for all global and local issuance under the asset protection of our global investment and estate plan. 


The Chaplaincy is the private business ruling board of trustees of the World Temple of Karast and or the Holy See Global District. The work of the World Open Market and its global participants down to the retail everyday consumer level can and will be to assist. The ability to join our open market as a member of our global societies and humanitarian initiatives is simple proclaiming with your local faith-based institution that you would like to participant in our global humanitarian works and sustainable goals (SDG 27655). 

Use of Funds

The World Chaplaincy Fund is a religious financial portfolio of Global Initiatives and Local Civil & Government Procurement projects. 

Verify the Issuance here 

Asset Verification here

The Global Basket of Portfolios

  • Baseline Management (Market Consulting)
  • World Credit Union (Global Financial Coop)
  • Nibiru Reserve (Global Financial System)
  • EtherTrust Group (Global Trust Group) 
  • Tulsa Noocratic Investment Group (Global Investment Group) 
  • Native San & Company (Global Holding Company)
  • Native Sun Finance (Global Finance Company)
  • Nu Wealth Network (Global Financial Network) 
  • Nu Omni Academy of Ausarian Economics (Global Economic & Financial Education) 
  • Nu University (Global Education) 
  • Moorish Uplifting Fund (Global Treasury Fund) 
  • Americanos Royal Divine International Trust (International Trust)
  • SideWalk University (International Education Network) 
  • Nothing But Real Pips (Global Private Trade Company) 
  • Nibiru Pool (Global Funding Pool & Portal)
  • DGI Inc. (Global Private Investment Bank) 
  • NVC Fund (Global Sovereign Wealth Fund) 


The Shelton Estate company will use the funds raised by investors to invest in smart contract securities, smart contracts for profit-sharing, smart contracts for difference, smart contract mutual credit swaps. The Global Bonds, Notes, and Financial Obligations and these investments acquired by the private international estate to fund global humanitarian initiatives and everything from housing, to agricultural, economic, social, civic, and community developing projects will be secured by our insured and reinsured investment strategies and plans for our private clients globally.  In network science terms, financial networks are composed of financial nodes, where nodes represent financial institutions or participants, and of edges, where edges represent formal or informal relationships between nodes (i.e. stock or bond ownership).

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